Brian Racey

Brian is one of the few token “Ford Guys” of the group, but surprisingly he wasn’t an off road enthusiast until recently.  Brian has been a drag racer most of his life. He has been building cars and racing since he was 16 years old.  In 2001 Brian bought his first 4 wheel drive vehicle, a brand new Ford Ranger.  When a coworker of Brian’s asked him to go mudding in a farm field, he though, “This sounds fun, let’s go!”  Even though the other trucks were twice his size, he had a blast and officially caught the offloading bug!  Soon after he met Paul and Keri Porter and began wheeling with the Jeep fans in the area.  Brian has always prided himself on being different, but realized that he needed to make some upgrades if her were to keep up.  So, he began upgrading his ford ranger with 32 inch tires, front and rear lockers and a winch. Fast forward to today and Brian has gained a ton of experience and has built two Bronco Rigs.  Currently, he is driving Gilligan, his Bronco Two that was found abandoned on Put-In-Bay.  After paying $150, hauling off of the island and putting 6 months of work into it, he now has a beast that can take him just about anywhere.  Brian is looking forward to checking some trips off of his bucket list this year.  He is particularly looking forward to wheeling in Wellsville and Drummond Island.  For more about Brian, check out his full story at

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